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  1. StupidFlandrs48

    Past Generation Analyses: Reservation Index v2 The right people are more likely to see this if it’s in the Ubers thread
  2. StupidFlandrs48

    VGC Baxcalibur [GP 1/1]

    Previous round of changes were confirmed to me via DMs. GP 1/1 after these bits of cleanup are added Additions Removals Comments/silly nitpicks GP Team done
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    WIP A Hydrapple a day keeps the Fire-types away (Grass)

    This will get to QC during the weekend
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    VGC Baxcalibur [GP 1/1]

    Ah yes, the Ice-type that scares the shit out of me with flinch hax instead of freeze hax Additions Removals (Comments/silly nitpicks) I threw a lot of changes at you so I want to review this after you implement them. Lmk when that's done and I'll probably stamp, or lmk before then if you need...
  5. StupidFlandrs48

    VGC Articuno

    Hey Luna what's up let's get this birb UPLOADED Gonna overlay this onto the amcheck since it's a pretty good amcheck, sorry for the rainbow Me: Additions Removals (Comments/silly nitpicks) Derp: add remove comment GP 1/1 Credit DerpySuX alongside myself GP Team done
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    Sports Formula 1

    Mexican Tom Cruise does all his own stunts... and nobody stunts on him :zonger:
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     VGC 2024 Regulation G Metagame Discussion

    I considered Excadrill but I think it just has too many problems in this meta. Did you know that Booster Bundle outruns max Speed Jolly Excadrill in sand by one point? I was depressed when I saw that, it means you need to Tera to actually beat Mirai a lot of the time when it should otherwise be...
  8. StupidFlandrs48

     VGC 2024 Regulation G Metagame Discussion

    Hi everyone, I've enjoyed Reg G a lot so far; it's the first format I've gotten really into for a bit. I think it's shaping up to be a very diverse format as the meta stabilizes and adapts to the crazier shit like Calyrex-S:calyrex-shadow:. It's obvious that Dark-types are going to be in VERY...
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    Tournaments DPPPL IV - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [Auction April 21st @ 10 AM GMT-7]

    Username: StupidFlandrs48 Timezone: PST Tiers played: OU/UU/Ubers Foreseen inactivity: Finals in early-mid May
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    Sports Formula 1

    Once a Ferrari driver is free from their contract, they’re immediately free to finally stop choking every race!
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    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Good evening, I'm wondering what the delay is with getting the ADV 200 ladder up on Showdown for this month's RoA spotlights? It's been several days and I find it hard to remember another time when we had to wait this long. Also, will the ladder continue for a few days into May to make up for...
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    OU ADV OU Teambuilding Competition (Cycle 2: Hariyama)

    Hi! Awesome that we’re finally seeing this type of thread for ADV, it’s criminal we waited this long given OU’s popularity. I would like to mention that parts of the OP are showing up in black text for some reason on Smogon Dark, making it a lot harder to read. Screenshot attached below
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    Other Tiers ADV 200 General Discussion Thread

    This format hasn't gotten a spotlight ladder since 2017(?) so it's probably taking PS! staff a while to implement all the legality/movepool changes, since there are a lot of small changes compared to standard ADV. Maybe ask in the PS! forum about it, I'm starting to get concerned as well. In the...
  14. StupidFlandrs48

    Improving the Circus Maximus Queue

    Despite the fairly narrow scope of my experience, Mafia Mafia 3 made it very clear to me that we can't treat that kind of thing as the same game compared to NOCs with 1/3 of the scale or less. MM3 felt like an event where the host's imagination went wild with crazy ideas that tried to shake up...
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    Serious CHAT Thread (Congregational Help and Advisory Team)

    Hello CHAT thread, I am looking for the CHAT thread. I heard there’s some very interesting discussion happening in CHAT at present, so I figured CHAT’s regulars would be CHATty enough to point me in the direction of CHAT. I had no issues with finding the CHAT thread earlier this week, but it...
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    Social favourite ice cream flavour

    If we disregard crazy Ben and Jerry's shit, probably cookie dough. If we don't disregard crazy Ben and Jerry's shit I'd be here all day
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    Tournament UUFPL IV: Commencement & Administrative Decisions Omega Alpha Thread

    A brief message for the players of :meganium:Shin Meganium Tensei:meganium:: You're named for the starter that no one remembers While Empoleon's drip is hotter than embers You claim to be gaming a cut above the rest But you can't even touch the king penguin's nest You're playing every UU, but...